Engagement Tours
30 November 2015

East London or Durban, South Africa

Engagement Tours will be held in conjunction with the 46th Union World Conference on Lung Health. http://capetown.worldlunghealth.org/. They will provide delegates with unique experience through interactive site visits in South Africa aimed at exchanging knowledge and obtaining best practices and innovative solutions that could be applied in the delegate’s home setting. 

The engagement tours will afford delegates the opportunity to experience and visit one of the hardest hit areas by TB in the country.  Visits will take place in either Durban (KwaZulu-Natal) or East London (Eastern Cape). They will expose delegates to the urban and semi-urban context in South Africa and will help depict the importance of NGOs in addressing health issues in collaboration with private sector and provincial Department of Health.

Logistics: Tours are available to delegates in two provinces: KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape. Both provinces are about 1 ½ hour flights from Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport and 1 ½ - 2 hours from Cape Town airport.  Each tour has a maximum capacity of 24 delegates and will take a full day for delegates to have a meaningful experience. People are advised to arrive by the 29th to have a full day tour on the 30th

Delegates are responsible for getting themselves to the closest airport (either Durban or East London) and registration is on a first-come first-serve basis. Delegates will be responsible for covering costs of flights and accommodation. Local transport will be covered. 


 *Detailed schedule will be provided closer to the date 

Eastern Cape: Donald Woods Foundation (Tour A)

Closest airport: East London

Date and Time                                                       Focus Areas                                            Number of delegates

30 November, 2015                                          Prisons, schools, and taxi ranks                        24 total


Delegates will have the opportunity to be exposed to these 3 focus areas interchangeable after a brief presentation about DWF and its projects. The transport from East London Airport will be organized by Donald Woods Foundation. Delegates will have at least 2 hours in each area and this will be coordinated by Donald Woods Foundation in conjunction with the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership.

Donald Woods Foundation (DWF)

DWF will provide delegates with site visits to their project sites in the Buffalo City region, comprised of urban and semi-urban settings. Here, delegates will see activities in schools which include prevention, screening, and fast-track support for TB treatment initiation with the learners. Visits will include discussions with trained peer educators and clinic staff trained to address the deep stigma that still exists with the disease. Delegates will also engage with taxi ranks, which are the mode of transport for many locals. These ‘taxi ranks’ or mini-bus stations are a key to curbing TB in the South African context as this mode of transport is used by people affected by poverty. The focus here is awareness and screening of taxi drivers.  Finally, delegates will visit at least one prison where DWF ensures that inmates are screened, tested and run support group sessions for those with TB. 

South African Red Cross, KwaZulu Natal Chapter (Tour B)

Closest airport: Durban 

Date and Time                                                       Focus Area                                             Number of Delegates

30 November, 2015                                                  Community linkage to care                         12 Delegates


South African Red Cross

Red Cross works in partnership with King Dinuzulu Hospital Complex to support the clinic by facilitating linkage to care and support for people in eThekwini District, one of the highest-burden districts in the country. Red Cross utilizes trained community-based volunteers to strengthening education and counselling in order to improve treatment completion rates.  Delegates will then have the opportunity to observe some of these processes and it what it involves to work in a community setting where most patients have very limited private space to openly discuss with the field workers/counsellors some of their struggles with treatment and social stigma still attached to the disease.

King Dinuzulu Hospital Complex and South African Medical Research Council (Tour C)

Closest airport: Durban

Date and Time                                                       Focus Area                                             Number of Delegates

30 November, 2015                                                TB outpatient clinic                                  12 Delegates


Tours B and C will have a brief joint presentation that will cover a history of the work and partnership that exists between public sector, private and NGO. From there transport will be arranged for the delegates who will go to the field with Red Cross field workers to see and experience people being supported along the treatment journey, and success stories of reaching out to the community. The other delegates wishing to stay at King Dinuzulu Hospital Complex will visit the hospital, the outpatient clinic and the onsite school for children.

King Dinuzulu Hospital Complex (KDHC)

King Dinuzulu Hospital Complex is a public sector specialist referral hospital in Durban for the management of drug resistant TB. Doctors here see all cases of XDR, all pediatric MDR-TB and the hardest to treat DR-TB cases in the whole province, as well as act as a local site for the surrounding district which has an enormous burden of MDR-TB (eThekwini District). The TB component of the hospital manages +/-2, 500 patients per month, where approximately 150 new patients with MDR-TB are initiated on treatment monthly.  Of these patients, 30 are started on treatment as outpatients and an estimated 20 admitted per week.  Delegates will have an opportunity to see this first hand in the clinic. Delegates will be exposed to some key clinical flow of the patients in the clinic and day-to-day management of patients. There will also be an opportunity to engage with young people with MDR-TB who attend the school on the KDHC site. Finally, this site visit will include a presentation from a researcher from South African Medical Research Council (MRC) who is documenting the decentralization of MDR-TB care in South Africa and analyzing data on cost-effectiveness of decentralization with different models of care.

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